Have You Seen ’10 Americans’?

Watch EWG president Ken Cook share shocking information about how babies are born pre-polluted with as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies. One of the most entertaining and sobering presentations that you'll see about the health effects of environmental pollution.

But My ______ Still Really Hurts!

I have always tried to take good notes regarding my clients and it has served me well. I had a client present with pain in his knee, ankle and shoulder, which was preventing him from working out on his elliptical machine.   At the beginning of his third session when I asked how he was [...]



Your fish's water is pH balanced, but what about YOU? 'Your body pH affects everything. Research has proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline state, and that viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, candida and cancer cells thrive in an acidic, low oxygen, low pH environment. ... Cancer is not compatible in a healthy pH [...]

Bye-Bye Migraines….Hello Bowen!

Kathy had to leave work yet again, because she was in so much pain from her migraine headache.  She'd been a migraine sufferer for over 15 years and while the medication her doctor prescribed helped, she didn't like taking it, but felt she had no choice because migraines ran in her family.  She'd heard about Bowen [...]

What? I Don’t Smell Anything….

Years ago when I worked out of the garden unit of my home, you had to walk down in between the houses to enter my studio door located on the right side of the house.  One day a skunk had 'perfumed' the walkway and I actually held my breath as I walked to my studio [...]


For a long time now I have not received the flu shot.  I don't like the idea of 'crap' being injected into my body in the hopes...not the guarantee, of warding off an illness.  I am much more of an alternative health kind of gal. My husband on the other hand, is a bit more [...]



Here’s to the New Year!

2015 was such a great year; I moved my business to its first commercial location in January, my husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in August, and I managed to put 4500 glorious miles on my motorcycle!! :) I feel blessed and grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and that includes [...]

Stress & Anxiety Ripple Effect

Ever wonder if the stress and anxiety you are experiencing is affecting anyone else in your life? Awhile back I had a client come to me hoping Bowenwork would help her neck pain.  When she arrived for her next session the following week she couldn't wait to share with me that she had not needed her anxiety medication [...]

Concussions and Bowenwork

Another Bowen Believer! Last week a young college student came for her very first Bowen Session. She suffered a concussion two months ago when she was hit in the head during a lacrosse game and had been experiencing severe throbbing headaches ever since. She had never experienced Bowenwork before, but had heard of it helping [...]