Eating Raw? Me? Seriously?

  Watermelon, lime, mint, basil, Super Reds I told my husband that I was going to be doing a 30-day detox starting July 7, 2017 so he'd be on his own for meals. I was very pleasantly surprised when he said he'd do it with me. The first week was liquids to give [...]

Motorcycles, Hot Weather and Ice Cream Just Go Together…

Okay, I admit it...I LIKE ICE CREAM!  And cake....okay, well, I pretty much like pastry of any kind....oh ya and pizza, and burgers,  and, and....and the list goes on. So as you may correctly assume, I don't always make the best food choices. But I have a secret weapon to help balance out those poorer [...]

What You Put ON Your Skin Can Be More Dangerous Than What You Eat…

As a practitioner in the Health & Wellness field, I am very passionate about empowering others to take control of their own health & wellness.   I believe that information truly is power, because possessing knowledge allows us the opportunity to make better choices for ourselves, and for our children.  Lots of us are trying to make [...]

Have You Seen ’10 Americans’?

Watch EWG president Ken Cook share shocking information about how babies are born pre-polluted with as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies. One of the most entertaining and sobering presentations that you'll see about the health effects of environmental pollution.


Your fish's water is pH balanced, but what about YOU? 'Your body pH affects everything. Research has proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline state, and that viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, candida and cancer cells thrive in an acidic, low oxygen, low pH environment. ... Cancer is not compatible in a healthy pH [...]

Bye-Bye Migraines….Hello Bowen!

Kathy had to leave work yet again, because she was in so much pain from her migraine headache.  She'd been a migraine sufferer for over 15 years and while the medication her doctor prescribed helped, she didn't like taking it, but felt she had no choice because migraines ran in her family.  She'd heard about Bowen [...]

What? I Don’t Smell Anything….

Years ago when I worked out of the garden unit of my home, you had to walk down in between the houses to enter my studio door located on the right side of the house.  One day a skunk had 'perfumed' the walkway and I actually held my breath as I walked to my studio [...]