Bowen Believer

After her first session Terri N. wrote:  "Thank you Susan for the Bowen session yesterday! I felt very comfortable and relaxed. One unexpected result that I experienced was a strong connection to my intuition. It wasn't even a full hour after the session and I had some eye opening revelations about a decision I had [...]

Ear Candling….

I am a professional musician who is around loud music on a regular basis. About every 3-5 months for the last 2 years I’ve gone to Susan for Ear Candling. It is a safe and non-invasive process that Susan does in the relaxed, quiet setting of her studio. She has a great personality and is [...]

Relaxing Ear Wax Removal

"The first time I had the ear candling done with Susan, I didn't think it worked because I couldn't even feel the wax being extracted. It wasn't until she showed me the evidence that I realized it actually worked! The process is so relaxing and peaceful; much more enjoyable than going to the hospital or [...]

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