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What to Expect

Bring or wear light-weight clothing such yoga or gym clothes.

Your practitioner will take a health history and ask about the reason for your visit so as to select the best “Bowenwork moves” to apply that day. The practitioner places fingers or thumbs over precise points on muscles, tendons or other soft structures. A gentle rolling pressure is then applied to effect a change in the underlying tissue. The changes stimulate the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) to deeply relax and rebalance.

This deep relaxed state allows your body to release restrictions that are causing pain that interfere with movement, posture, sleep and digestion . There are ‘waits’ in between moves where the Practitioner will leave the room allowing your body time to process the work.

Three to five sessions one week apart are usually all that are required for most sports injuries, work-related injuries, and problems brought about by long-term overuse. Clients with more complex conditions usually improve with additional sessions.

Neurological and some other chronic conditions may require ongoing maintenance sessions.

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Many clients have stated that Bowenwork is THE most relaxing and healing modality they have ever experienced.

After the Session:
Some changes may be noticeable right away:

* Reduced Pain
* Greater range of motion
* A sense of relaxation and well-being

You will be encouraged to drink water, walk and wait before your next session as much of the healing occurs between the sessions as the body is inspired to integrate aspects of the healing on its own. It is recommended that other modalities of treatment, except homeopathic remedies, be reserved 5 days before or after the Bowenwork session in order not to distort the whole integration of the impulses sent to the fascia, muscles or soft tissue. Delicate moves need time to assimilate and other therapies can be interfered with, or they can interfere with the efficacy of the Bowenwork moves you receive.

You will most likely notice changes in the next several days as your body continues the process. Sounder sleep and increased energy are commonly reported. You may be assigned ‘homework’ of gentle Bowenwork exercises, do them daily beginning on the day after your session. This is an essential part of your care and will improve your results.